vendredi 30 mars 2012


Do you know this brand ? Stigmata was created in 2009 by Shiratama Ayako, the daughter of the creator of Dynamite London (another punk/rock Japanese Brand), and a model for the fashion magazine KERA.

I really love this brand, with Ghost of Harlem.

This look & this girl are just tooooooooooooo gorgeous! 
Blue is one of my favorite colors, and I think she wears it very well. And the tights are OMG sooo perfect!

Tights.... I loooove tights. I love the effects you can have thanks to them. And the choice of patterns is very large nowadays. My favorite ones are the leopard prints, the tattoo effects and the broken/lace/ribbon effect.

I am totally obsessed with tights ♥
Last time I bought a lovely pair of ribbon tights, my GF loved it :

I think I have nothing else to say now, so... See you soon!

Just a last picture for the fun : 

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