mardi 3 avril 2012

Workin' Day

Hi !

Today was such a weird day!

I had some exams in English & Japanese. Both were kinda hard, but I think it will be OK. Pray for me!!!! ♪

Between two exams, my GF and I went outside, to take a rest. The weather was sunny and sweet, I took some pictures about it! ♥ We also went to a shopping center, in which some cute baby animals were exposed. They all were so pretty! I just wanted to hug them all!


This Beautiful Girl is Evy, my lovely Girlfriend since 6 months soon. ♥
I can't wait to be in May and go at our concert in Paris!

That's what Evy bought me today in H&M. I felt in love with it, because it reminded me some Modern Pirates  bracelets, and I just adore this brand. 
After this exam & shopping day, I just went back at home and sleep directly. I am so tired. Thanks to God, I have no class tomorrow so I will sleep, study for my next exams on Thursday, sleep again, eat something, and sleep!

I wanted to dye my hair again, but it will be too expensive. Then I thought about wigs. After some surfing on the Internet, I found this wig and OMG I JUSTE LOVE IT!!!!  Evy also bought an iron to make wonderful curls, so I think this wig could be very pretty if  I add some curls on it.

Well, it's time for me to stop talking and sleep again! 

See you sonn! ♥

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