vendredi 30 mars 2012


Do you know this brand ? Stigmata was created in 2009 by Shiratama Ayako, the daughter of the creator of Dynamite London (another punk/rock Japanese Brand), and a model for the fashion magazine KERA.

I really love this brand, with Ghost of Harlem.

This look & this girl are just tooooooooooooo gorgeous! 
Blue is one of my favorite colors, and I think she wears it very well. And the tights are OMG sooo perfect!

Tights.... I loooove tights. I love the effects you can have thanks to them. And the choice of patterns is very large nowadays. My favorite ones are the leopard prints, the tattoo effects and the broken/lace/ribbon effect.

I am totally obsessed with tights ♥
Last time I bought a lovely pair of ribbon tights, my GF loved it :

I think I have nothing else to say now, so... See you soon!

Just a last picture for the fun : 

Exams & Music

Hi guys!

I'm sorry, I don't really have the time to upload a lot of things, because my exams at the University will start soon! I have to study hard.

Yesterday, I went buying some new chords for my bass, but I learned that my bass is totally broken, I can't play with it anymore, I'm so sad  >< So, I am now saving my money in order to buy a new one, an ESP Ltd, this one :

I can't wait to have enough money in order to buy it! 

Oh, and today is the birthday of a person who means a lot to me. He is my idol, the reason why I am a bassist. Toshiya from Dir en Grey. So..... 


mardi 27 mars 2012

Shopping Time ♪


Last day my GF and I have done some shopping. I was so happy to finally find what I needed! o(^▽^)o

We first went to New Look in which I've find the ultimate coordinate I was searching for for this Summer! A super gorgeous white tank with extra large . I already have a black one, so I'm done with it! I also purchased a little black bandeau and those adorable wedge heels. Then we went to Jennyfer, where I find the faux leather pant. Because it was a skinny, I first thought that it would never suits to me x) But I finally it was great, and it seems that my GF loves it. So I'm happy! I've ordered a new bag and some white Lace-up Ankle Boots, I can't wait to receive them!! ♥

My GF also offered me a necklace I've seen on my ultimate BIAS, 沙我 from Alice nine ♥♥♥ Here is the necklace on him and at the right the necklace I've received : 

This evening I will make some nail art to my GF.  I love nail art. I love create things, paint etc... Unfortunately, because I play the bass, I can't have my own nails long. So I use to make some nail art to my GF and friends. 

Here is my little collection but I can"t wait to grow it up!! 

So, I think that's all for today. Tomorrow I will bring my Bass to a music store in order to buy new chords. Hope the weather won't be too rainy! 

See ya ♥

dimanche 25 mars 2012

♪ First Entry

Hello everyone, and welcome to my blog!
Here is my first entry, and as usual, I don't really know what to say.... ^-^"

So...... Time to introduce myself! 

Black Lotus Cherry

  22 Years - French - English & Japanese Student - Taken
♥  Favorite Styles : Gyaru, Rokku Gyaru, Onee Gyaru, KERA styles
♦  Favorite Brands : ESP, Modern Pirates, Liz lisa, Cocolulu, Galaxxxy, Superlovers, Kera Marschall
♣  Music, Bass, Drawing, Shopping, Friends & my Love 
♠   Black - Blue - Pink - Grey - White

Well, I think that's all for the moment. See you next time with some news! ♪